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Sheffield Hallam University
Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC)
Chair of ORRG


Connections, Consultancy, Design Processes and Co-production, Project Management, Policy, Bid Writing, Mixed Methods, Data Collection and Analysis, Evaluation, ‘What Works’ and Why?

Track Record

Maxine has held a lead role in consultancy and the evaluation of projects for the Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC)’ over the past 10 years. The main focus has been on increasing physical activity and evaluating ‘what works’, with school and community sport programmes nationally.

Maxine led the development of the ‘innovation lab’ with colleagues from SIRC and has significant expertise in identifying appropriate consultation methods for any given context, for a range of target populations. She has an excellent track record in consulting with local groups and clubs to assess needs and understand current issues and champions these needs to inform delivery and development. Maxine has co-managed the current national School Games evaluation, supported the development of Sheffield as ‘the outdoor city’, evaluated several walking and cycling projects and undertaken research to measure social and economic impacts.

Maxine previously managed a project to assess the value of Sheffield’s ‘Outdoor Economy’ which supported strategic development of outdoor recreation within the city.

Maxine is Vice-Chair of the European Network of Outdoor Sport (ENOS) and Chair of Sheffield Hallam University’s Outdoor Recreation Research Group (ORRG)